Cool French Pedals

Vintage Lyotard MOD 23 Marcel Berthet Platform Pedals French Thread 14 X 1 25mm | eBay

See where WI got their inspiration.

Damn. They’re nice. When I clicked though was expecting them to be a lot more than that too.

One day I’ll have some ridiculously beautiful Herse or Singer to require such pedals… one day.

Price because French thread. Not that French threaded crank arms are expensive but it’s another thing to think about.
They are nice pedals and I have them on a daily rider. Nicer looking than the WI or MKS copies 'coz steel and chrome.

Would I go the same route again … ?? No way. Too exxy, the bearings are shit and the chrome is very flimsy. The modern interpretations of these are clearly superior in use.

^ they’re ‘special racing pedals’ :slight_smile:

and yep, there’s a nice case of plagiarism with WI’s pedals.