'Cool' water bottles

Hey all,

how about this weather huh?

anyway, I’m looking to get some water bottles for a friend as a present.

Need something cooler/more interesting than just a plain purist/camelbak.

So far my approach has been just searching prolly for ideas, has to be a decent bottle to start with.

came up with
Water Bottle — Geekhouse Bikes
Manual for Speed / Zebra - Clear

any other suggestions?


Golden Saddle Cyclery / Team Dream
Gage + Desoto
Ten Speed Hero

All expensive to get posted by themselves here though.

I know there’s more out there as well.


Yeah the shipping on some of those is redic.

The manual for speed ones might win as its only $14 shipping for 2 bottles.

but more suggestions welcome.

That’s pretty good. I usually add a water bottle to an order to shipping isn’t too bad, because paying $50 shipping for a $10 bottle is just dumb.

Yo, I have 3 x cadence bottles and they are the shizzle. GEAR shop has a heap of the black in stock I think… pretty sure I bought all the pink ones :slight_smile: Should save you the standard $50 post from Cadence

Our bottles are BPA FREE, LDPE #4 Food grade plastic. No harmful chemicals leaching from these babies! Bottle, cap, and poppet fully comply with FDA and European health standards, California Prop 65 and Japan Food Hygiene regulations.

I got given a polar insulated (not poler) water bottle. Stays cool

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you guys forgot about gage and desoto.


i’ll be doing a batch of sock bottle combo’s this year, sock in a bottle style.

Nope. JLN nailed it in his list.

I just buy a couple of whatever’s cheapest when I do a wiggle/ribble/crc order. You guys know the bottles are all the same, right? They just have different pictures on them. #truth #honesty

Yeah… but I’d rather wear a Sonic Youth t-shirt than a One Direction shirt. I mean, they’re both the same thing, but…

Gave a Polar one to my brother in law for Christmas - he liked it enough to want to get another.

So like PBR and a can of cat’s piss with a PBR label? Gotcha.

Why don’t just get all fred and buy the frameset manufacturer’s bottles?

This ftw!

Hydration packs are where it’s at.

The past few days I’ve been freezing my Camelbak overnight for early morning rides. That should be in the yin and yang thread.

i’ve been half filling, then laying them down in the freezer, making sure the nozzle isn’t covered. then before heading out, top them up, so you can drink from them straight away, but will be cooler for longer.

I’ve only had to wait a few kms before it’s melted enough to drink :slight_smile: