Cops/the fuzz/5-0/police - Sydney rd!!!!!!

hey all

just a heads up, there are a fuckload of traffic cops on royal parade/Sydney rd, brunswick area. not sure why and not sure if they’re targeting bikes but thought I’d give those that choose to ride without brakes/helmet/lights etc a bit of a warning!!

ride safe


heard its a “crackdown” on no lights.


They were just pulling over cars when I rolled through behind my motorpace…

Foot patrol pulled me off the road near corrs lane Saturday night, thinking that I wasn’t running any rear lights, checked the whole thing out for brakes and shit. Failed to see the lack of a rear red reflector though. Possibly let me off cos my hard rubbish repco was rocking some hot spoke and pedal reflectors.

How’d they pull you over? Why didn’t you just ride past them?

Three of these wonderful individuals(intense sarcasm here folks, duh) were walking abreast on the bike/ped path in Brunswick about 5 minutes ago. Made NO attempt what so ever to move to let anyone past. Cheers pricks.

i had a cop car go past me and pull over this morning, so i made a hard left and a quick right. Didn’t want to take the chance.

How’d they pull you over? Why didn’t you just ride past them?

1, was coming to a stop behind a car at a red light corner little bourke/russell st, the dude sorta came on to the road and told me to shuffle over to him. 2 im a pussy.

no bell???

sorry,couldn’t help it :wink: