Corima F+R - Wanna go halves??

I’m interested in getting my hands on these but mainly for the front only. wondering if anyone is interested in going halves in the buy, I take the front you take the rear? Pimp your roadie…

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you could probably convert the rear to track with a surly fixxer

Yeah, you can get factory track conversion kits too.

If you can get the pair for whatever price, I’ll give you $250 for the back one.
Colours will suit my new cinelli.

Pretty sure they only work with Shimano hubs.

It dose say tubular there so maybe no go with the clincher?? Yo Dylan you in Sydney?

“Road to Track” Converter Kit for 3-4 spokes wheels and carbon disc wheel - Accessories - CORIMA

TUBS? I’m out! Fuck that tubular shit!
And nooooo I’m just outside Melbourne.

Since when is Narre Warren ‘just outside’ Melbourne? :smiley:

I’d pay you $250 for the rear if mr_dylan doesn’t want it, provided you win the auction.

Pretty sure the description says clinchers guys…

Yep def clinchers, otherwise would not be keen. OK seem to have some interest in the rear I’m prob only in for $250ish + postage myself so I’ll see how we go. Charlie if Dylan ends up passing would you mind picking up and posting the Front?

I’d have no problems with pickup and postage, I just pm’d the seller regarding inspecting the wheels in person.

Anything I should check out on these wheels that would different when inspecting a carbon wheel?

if it is missing a spoke or 2 i would probly walk away

Nah just the usual, but have a good look around the beed of the rim as these full carbon wheels are only supposed to run a max of like 115psi. I PM’d him about $500 BIN as well, see how we go hey…

Your missing a spoke or two kent

Going to have a look tonight, might try low ball him with cash.

$250 well doomed.
And hey, Narre Warren is only like, far outer south eastern suburbs.

If someone else is doing pickups and stuff, who am I to intrude?

Let us know, just moved my spoke and my 88 so I’m good to go…


The 700c’s are tubulars and the 650c’s are clinchers. The guy’s son put the add up for him on his phone and obviously didn’t write a good decription. Apparently the kids a gun triathlete but lags behind in school. The guy bought these from Inner City Cycles in the 90’s and used them for a few thousand k’s before his knee gave out, incorrect cleat angle.

The stickers have a few marks from storage but nothing that I would care too much about. The rims barely have marks from braking and spin dead true. The bearings are perfect.

Yet again they are tubulars, the glue is long dried up but the tires have no sign of wear. The guy kept going on about how he always wanted whatever some British triathlete was using. I think the seller was once your stereotypical triathlete.

He also has a Jack Russell covered in texta from his kids, green eyes, and wears a size 43 shoe. I’m guessing he cries at a good film.

I think he’ll take the listing price on ebay. Still interested or can I have a set for my soon to be built roadie?

RAGE! Man thats disappointing. Dude their all yours hey, I’m not up for carrying spare tubes and tubs. Thanx heaps for going out and checking them out and saving a potential future drama and $$. Enjoy…