Corima Quad Clincher QLD

CORIMA 4 Spoke Front Clincher Wheel | eBay

not shaw i trust the seller


I was gonna grab this to replace my aerospoke

mmm watching…


lolz…already started bidding on it :confused:

FoA battle of the bidders 4 days 17 hours from now. Also super keen, but I should really save money… hmm

Odd spoke numbers are faster like 1,3,5,7


4 is the square root of a 16-spoke Shamal’s spoke count. And since people go on about Shamals being the fastest wheels ever, then this must be the square root of fast?

No its a 1/4 of fast,
Thats almost slow.

also got my eye on a tri…

Depending on what this goes for I’ll consider selling mine.

same. called the guy, says it weighs just over 1100g

Ps @JohnKenedy, pm me regarding your four poke

You do all know that this could be a serious weapon for a trackie looking to shave some time off their flying 200, but will probably end up going on the front of some ‘sweet fixay’ and ridden off gutters.

Im only bagging it cos i want it.

oh dan you synical bugger, i’ll smash it down gutters on the way to the track i promise, and don’t forget the riverloop timetrial! if i buy this i’ll have to get a disk to match, ooooh yeah

really? we’ll see. actually, probably.

Front Wheel Tri Spoke Aero Single Xtreme Windcheater | eBay