Corime 4 spoke 8sp rear wheel - Can I turn this into a front wheel/track rear?

Hello All,

I want to turn this:

Into a track rear wheel/front wheel, can you please tell me if this is possible?

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P.S. I meant to write Corima, not Corime, in the title.

Corima make a converter with 3 pins that slot into the hub body which turn it into a tarck rear wheel, it is something like $400

Other than that, befriend a machinist and treat them REAL nice, get them to make something up, keeping in mind that they will hate you afterwards, it would be a bitch of a part to machine up

Cheers, I’ll look into it.

it looks like its a shimano free hub body…

so you should be able to use a ‘Surly fixxxer’ to convert it to track rear. the tubular bit on on the other hand…

This is only for Shimano BRANDED hubs, not a Shimano compatable free wheel.

As BrakeFree said this is the most logical way:

^^ cheers for the correct info.