could you beat anna meares?

… with what? :evil:

Anna Meares squats

I’m waiting for heatseeker to post up how fast a time that is… and whether he thinks he can get the hell ride to beat the time and enter as a bunch.

I’ve been wondering who it was that painted “start” and “finish” on the road down there.

on current form i could maybe beat Anna Bligh… :expressionless:

eitherway, it has made me even keener for the track world cup…

I was more suprised to see a track cyclist on a road bike… and actually doing okay! :lol:

Ah, then I see the distance: 700m lol

Great videos. Female trackies scare the shit out of me! Only thing that could have made that video better would have been Anna mashing up the hill fixed, passing that roadie along the way then finishing off with a mad skid!

I can’t be bothered watching the vid. She does a standing start I presume. What’s her time?

Watching most womens sport is like watching an egg n spoon race. :evil: :wink:

who on earth takes their quick release skewer out?

Surely you must be joking here.

Haven’t you heard of a guy called Wigo, or one called O’Grady on even one called Cavendish? :roll: I could keep going on and on and on and on with guys that started on the track first.

I think Heatseeker and myself finally agree on something…

Womens cycling is pretty funny, I remember watching Belinda Goss etc. turn around just before Olivers Hill on the Hell Ride a few years ago which is pretty typical for ‘world class female cyclists’.

I also remember Kate Mactier and Jenny Macpherson crashing at the roundabout on stage one (Williamstown) of the Bay Crits a couple of years ago and hugging each other, crying while the rest of the peloton was trying hard to avoid hitting them.

I remember watching watching ‘experienced pro cyclist’ Helen Kelly and the rest of her US team getting lapped in a ‘B’ grade crit at Kew and then pulling out of the race.

I remember watching a Malaysian chick at DISC coming dead last on a $10,000.00 BT track bike while John Beasley just looked at the ground and walked away…

I know that I am not really too popular on the forum and this post will probably make things worse however sometimes stating the obvious is just too easy.

Belinda Goss rocks in my opinion. She raced A Grade at Disc a couple of Tuesdays ago and was pretty competitive.

Frankly I’m keen to see the women do well and be encouraged whether they are pro cyclists or organising a Ladies Ride.

So yeah well done with your comments.


Are you taking the piss?

titanuim, your presence here isn’t really going down to well aye?

Man I hope so.

What are your palmares titanium? Any World Championship titles? Could you even beat any of the ladies you’ve named?

i would also like an explanation for the skewer maneuver

i would like an explanation for the blatant misogyny going on here

block user?

so back to the OP…