Count rackular.

I keep meaning to post bikes I’ve built but they’ve all pretty much gone out the door to finance something that will crush all commers at next years S&S. This bike is not that bike.

Cheapo french “bastard” threaded cross frame from ebay, everything else from the parts bin. I’m gonna swap the front wheel over for something a little more matchy matchy.

Sram 1x10, old Dia Compe cantis, Paul levers, SR Royal seat post, Rolls, Sushis, Shimano 600 cranks, ridiculous pedestrian crippling rack, aussie post tub, some other stuff.

That’s a specrackular example. I need a rack so bad…


Has the chain dropped at all yet?

I am glad to have contributed parts to this build.

I’m glad you did too. Couldn’t stop otherwise.

Looks really cool, me like.
Question: what’s acting as the cable housing stop?


MAFAC rear hanger and holdsworth front hanger IIRC.


Serious.awesome. Hope box has aus post logo :slight_smile:

What about along the top tube? Looks like cable ties then exposed cable.

Ohhh. That. Unsure.

Does the pope shit in the woods?

Re: cable routing, it has guides on the top tube but the Commuter guys also ran the zip ties to keep the cables neater. I’m fine with it.

I’m guessing but it looks like it has a brazed on loop on the lower headlug to act as a derailleur cable housing stop. Otherwise I thought it was some kinda magic.

Oh, yeah it does have those braze ons. All I could think about was the brakes.