Coupla Hillmans

Nice track: eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Roadie allegedly owned by Gordon Hill: eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

noice, i’ve worded up a friend for the smaller one, and keeping an eye on the big boy for me, don’t think it’ll go for the starting price though, prob will get re listed for cheaper

Can confirm that this is Gordon’s bike.

That Hillman track! Just too big :frowning:

track bike looks legit, serial number is in the right spot and 4 digits long. funnily enough, it looks a LOT like my fake hillman and nothing like my real one!!

Watched on the track bike - would be nice to have a proper track bike! Then I can race!

What it worth?

^ Whatever someone is willing to pay for it?

I dunno, there are some nice parts there and everything would clean up pretty well. Although most of the complete ‘vintage’ track bikes lately haven’t really snuck over the $400 mark, so I’ll take a stab at $365.

^ OK Sniper set up for $365.01 at 2 secs to go.

^ Ha ha. Although the bid increment at that price is $5.00, so you’d be safer with $370.01.

Bidding $365 so you hit your max bid :wink:

if it fits you and you like it, i’d go to the $400-$450 mark, but i’ve not been paying any attention to what completes are going for at the moment, so that’s probably too much.

Getting up there with 5 days left to play…

Track frame is identical to my old hillman just a few sizes bigger. Same lugs, zeus dropouts and same reynolds sms tubeset. Condition is much better though

Vintage Hillman Bicycle Frame | eBay

it’s back.

Classic Hillman steel 60cm Superbe and Dura Ace & 600 Ultegra | eBay

And another, not sure of the legitimacy of this one though…

I was looking at this and underneath the Hillman decals there’s a nice bike hiding. Track frame too.

^ Looks a bit like a Bates with those dropouts and lugs.

Would be a nice little project that one.

Okay, so I was way off. Although I may have inadvertently promoted it.