coupla nice lookin frames from syd

the dark horse, 54/55 ?

fixie track bike steel frame | eBay

bit of quality on this one, $600 is no steal or bargain, but decent. 58/59 ?

Track Bicycle in Excellent Condition (LARGE SIZE) Campagnolo Components | eBay

Man that large one had caught my eye! Could be a great little pick up, even at 600 it’s not bad buying, with a c record headset and those cranks and saddle you’re already looking at a few bob. Definitely watching this one, thanks jase

nothing to watch, buy it now!

double crown fork too!

^got a custom Ken on the way, need to be focusing on a new roadie, so only cheap CHEAP will get me handing out silver

carry on sir =D

custom ken? dang boy

not long for the red one. anyone making a sneeky bid here?

^ yep.

Wow, bargain!

you get it huge?

That is actually an amazing bargain! Those cranks look mint, and that campy headset is worth a fair bit:) The frame looks in top condition and it looks of pretty high quality!

Good work Huge (I’m assuming). Looks like you got yourself a quality frame with good parts to boot. Even if you don’t use it you could probably flip it all for a profit. You’re lucky I’ve gone past my monthly spending limit :wink:

So not in the market for another frame, but a bargain is a bargain.

Thanks for the heads up jase.

Chism might be looking for a bigger steel track…

awesome, good to see it in a fellow members hands. I call first dibs on parts if your going to part please!

Feck you !!! I want those cranks

anyone going for this “dark horse”?

fixie track bike steel frame | eBay

Considering going for it for a mate coming to stay with me from Switzerland. Wish there was some more details but so I am gonna have to decide in the last few minutes.

do it haha, sell the wheels, and get something nicer, and then you have a nice bike:)

do it, pretty sure its a hillman =P

Think I will throw a bid in soon. Got some wheels and parts spare already I was gonna do exactly that.

Edit: I wish Jaseyjase. If it goes much higher im out but.

haha i was just takin the piss before everyone does mate, unknown to you but i am the faux-hillman dealer.