Courier Cup 09

The Courier Cup is a 3 race series
All R Welcome to join in the fun
Mad Prizes 4 each race
Aggregate winner over 3 Races Wins Heeeeeps of schwag
Highest placed ‘currently employed’ courier wins a return ticket to sydney for the Aust. Cycle. Messenger Champs 2010 next easter.
Get yourself down there!!!

Support those that support u for more details

Race 1 : 30th Oct. Hell-O-Ween
Meet @ Pony bikes after the ladies race approx. 8pm start
We will wait for the checkpoints to get back from previous event b4 start
All are welcome to race, guys and gals.
U MUST B IN COSTUME TO RACE* (halloween themed of course)
There’ll be a prize for best costume.

This is a 3 race series, its $10 per race or $20 for all three. all profits after the ticket will go to TKBMA (tokyo bike messenger association)… more info here

  • and yes… naked IS a costume :evil:

cool this is a good idea I will go there

thank for good event

any clues to the format of the first event?

i’m not sure how many folks will be willing to race another alleycat after just completing one…

awesome, I think it’s a cool idea to bundle the two races together, should provide a really big turnout and Pony Bikes will be rocking

Might tape up another Hellspoke.

does ugly tattoos count for a costume?

dude, i so got you beat.

yours are positively picassos compared to mine.

you should 1up and do a spoke of david

wish i could ride…i just fractured my ankle…fml

Is it Couriers only?

whos got some good costume ideas for me to steal?

blvk metul

some kvlt clown did that last year

Pretty grim man!
Yeah i was gonna do it this year because its seemed like the easy thing to do, but I recently just found out that my housemate owns a poncho… ole!

use por favor un casco del sombrero

le fromage de la belle poisson

so you’re coming as a dirty sanchez?

bonus points for burning churches

como estas bitches!

not sure about the sanchez part just yet brendan, but definately ridin durrrrrty