CoUrier Cup '10

Some of u may have heard word that the 1st race of the CC for 2010 was this w/end and sumhow tied in with the bikefest rollerracing thats happening. Some of u may have even heard words to that effect from my very mouth… Im here to let u know that due to my near catatonic state for the past month and being in guatemala the month b4 i may have dropped the ball a little. But not to worry. U still get to go to rollerracing on Sat. And we will be holding a 1 race death or glory (hopefully w/out the death) uberpartycat on 17th Dec to decide who is the fastest messenger or nonmessenger in melbs. Moar details to come. Apologies again.
ps. c y’all at the skids

ah courier cup, how you hurt me last year.

i’ll be back this year…

I’m pretty happy it’s not this weekend. I’d hate to miss CC and the rollers in one hit.

Same - as my alleycat nemisis, you not racing just wouldn’t be right.

pretty sure this is on SATURDAY THE 18TH, not the 17th which is a friday. change your diaries

um, wtf? same day as bike share cruise??

this is bullshit. damn you lane

you two should have a personal “skid off” today at the comp. winner gets their way!! haha

i’m at work all day, but keen once i’m finished. I don’t want to miss the courier cup, so bike share skillz might be getting postponed


this is NOT cool man, NOT COOL!!!

Race the cup on the bikeshare bike, dumbass
Almost as sexy as your visp, with 2000% more braking/2000% less breaking power!

Also, I’ll take on my duty as official bitchy heckling spectator jerk, and provide beer hand ups for the sexier of the entrants.

Courier cup is indeed the same day as bike share skillz… and the acclaim magazine launch @ Saint Cloyd and about 10,000,000 other parties and xmas related functions on that day. will try to organise so that every1 can do everything and all have the good times . the OFFICIAL party/afterparty will be at 195 weston st that day/night. so as long as i can get drunk in the comfort of my own backyard everything else is fine. currently aiming for a mid/late afternoon start but as there are so many parties(pardon the pun) involved exact time could change. will keep you guys updated and a sweet flyer to come . if lock stock gets his shit 2gether.
and yes im still alive
and yes im sorry if i was a cvnt to peeps on the w/end. i hit my head… not my fault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

good to hear you’re still alive lane ;D

Courier Cup 2010
Saturday 18th December
5pm @ front of St Cloud (73 Gertrude St Fitzroy)
Checkpoint to checkpoint
Followed by afterparty at saint cloud
Followed by after/after pool (yes its a new pool) party @ weston st brunswick east
spread the werd
edit: $10 donation to enter… gets u heaps of goodtimes

haqhhaha oh shit man ill whip one up now. sure we cant use my original idea from the pb?

haha, fuck ballsauna, race is in 17 hours or something, who cares about a flier.


i heard a rumour from a bird that they stuffed up the end?
last checkpoint apparently told peeps to go to a wrong finish??
anyways, congrats to lane for first and pip for second.

do a skid

All good, there was a bit of confusion about the end. Lachie dominated regardless. I sure as hell didn’t come second, haha. I think it was, Lachie, Lliam, B-Lain, Simon, Me, for the top 5.

Good fucking race though, sick format, and great after party.

nah man race was shit and the party was even worse

hay guyz, is this next weekend and do you have 2 be a couriuer 2 race?

as long as you bring your fixibike and have a chrome bag you can race with us