CoUrier Cup '10

did you ever figure out what that key was & why it was attached to your d-lock key??!!

also, tomhall, no idea how you did it, but I’m really glad you made it home safely…

Turns out the keys were Teagens, but the lock key worked in my lock… Weird, but now my key is gone.

I was really hoping you weren’t gonna say that!!

kryptonite - one key to rule them all…

i think i fell off three times before i even got past weston st, just remember a lot of cars honking at me

go round, go round!

fuckin hell…

Highlight of the race: Watching Lachie tow behind a van down the middle of Victoria st from about the vic market to Russell st, which was also incidently the moment I realised I probably didn’t have what it takes to win.

All that early morning training with Trigger for nothing!

I also saw photos on sime’s phone of a shirtless (and stick-waving) iHmnx that indicated that what memories people have of the after-party should be treasured as they will be discussed for a while to come.

If there had have been a checkpoint in Eltham I might have been in with a chance…

when is the next Escape from the Suburbs anyway?

this is what i arrived to at about 2am.

and pip trying to get his bike/bag/lock/wits to ride home. he was still figuring it all out when i left an hour or two later.

The race was good even though I’m pretty sure I got DFL I was happy to finish it. Really have to work on my navigation skills.
Party was fun as well, I had never heard of Iphone hockey until I met Ryan and Tom.

Meeting Ryan and Tom will not be good for your ability to study and become whatever you desire. It will only teach you very, very interesting ways to live the ‘other’ extraordinary life!

at least some of my bruises came from that stick. the others i can’t remember

This is the text I woke up to.

dude, you published our pillow talk?! i feel so violated

So much win

Not that its needed but official results were…
Lock Stock 1st
LLiam 2L’s 2nd
B-Laine 3rd
DFL Sean
Thanks to all for coming down and having a good arvo and making the night one to not be able to remember
Cheers to our checkpoint peeps for standing around on a saturday arvo.
Thanx to Spokes and Arrows , Saint Cloud , Skin Grows Back and all others who donated time , stuff , or things to make it happen.
ps… Am handing out prizes on the road. Sean i have a prize for u for DFL, i kinda recall u reminding me to do a presentation at the party and promptly 4getting again. Get in contact with me if u want your blue SGB top tube protector.
Edit. gunna do a presentation @ Public Bar cnr O’connell and Victoria St nth melb on friday after work… prizes will b given, glory will be relived, beers will be consumed.