Courier cup as it stands

Roller racing is fun, good drunken fun. Big turn out, big up - thanks to everyone.The points for the rollers aren’t as much as for the first alleyferalcat.

Well done to the top eight:
Ian Human
Alex 4.0
Simon M
Alex D
Tim the Terror
Alan W.A.

Overall Points after two races:

Tim the Terror 210
Beagle 200
Simon M 185
Liam 2 L’s 170
Cambell 150
Coffee Ben 135
Matt Glasgow 125
Ian Human 120
Blane 115
Alex 4.0 100
Michael 85
Alex D 80
Rudi 75
Jason 70
Jeremy 65
Liam 55
Alan W.A. 50
Matt 45
Max P 40
Nick C 35

The list goes on but i can’t be arsed.

Next up on the 6th of Dec. is the biggest baddest bum-banged bitching beauty of a race you’ll have ever seen.
Edinburgh gardens after the sawp meet, getto sound system from New Skids on the block. Multiple manifest attack, bikini babe in pool checkpoint, go fuck yourself, i’m blacking out in anticipati

so did i lose my 105 points from the firts alleycat?


Calm down Jimmy. Some of us get riotously drunk on fridays and the head ain’t so clear the next morning. You would have had your 105 points but for the ‘pfft’. You now have 100.


friday nights are for getting drunk…and saturdays aren’t for maths.

glad the next one is a sunday too…not so glad that the saturady is my bro’s 30th.

maybe the winning money should go towards paying back Tim’s tram track fines.

i wonder how i´ll fuck up the last race as well…

Fucking classic, along with the two Red lighters…


Looking forward to this.

Hey, what’s the kick-off time, for those that might not be at the swap-meet? Midday?

pretty sure the race is at 3pm at edinborough gardens, might be stuff going on beforehand though

It’s times like this I’d … wish I’d raced … (0_o)

Get to the gardens by 1 if u can. Race will kick off around 2.

The course is set, it’s a bewdy. Not all pain, it’s fun, thinking and stinking. And no matter what happens, there will be a party in the gardens when ya get back… Cos MDMA rolls DEEP!

Bring ya map book rookies, thats all of ya, HA.

just coz im a total fuckin nOOb to all this melbourne stuff, is the gardens near 7 seeds?
and can i run the ally cat if i havent done any of the other courier cup stuff? also im not a courier?.. but am looking for a 2nd job… haha

edinburgh gardens is in fitzroy north - not too long of a ride from seven seeds…

going to be a fun one

all can enter… Bring A Map! its gonna be fun… 4 me =P
$10 on the day peeps that have already payed obviously dont haf to.
even if u not racing come down and have the good times, we like the good times.
heeeeeeaps of prizes up 4 grabs… did i mention a complete track bike, fibre flare lights, bags, beer, and even a freekin meat tray =P
GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

best. race. description. EVA!!

meat tray.

Is there a tofu, soy, lentle, mung bean tray as well?

Great race, loads of fun. I do feel a little dirty after jumping in that pool though.

By the looks of this I may of been able to do things a bit more efficiently. Do like the 207bpm H/R going over spooky bridge though.

Change the drop box in the top right if you want it in metric.

I’m not going to lie to you… I had a good time.

Thanks to Lano and Safa for making us work and to the Greek for being the Greek.

And thanks to Lane’s mum for letting us use her ipod :smiley:

Great race, one of the best ones I can remember. Maybe I’ll come out of alleycat retirement again, was so much fun.