Courier Cup COMPLETE

It’s over, it was fun, but thank allah it’s over.

Thanks to our sponsors. If Lane or I approached me for sponsorship I would call the cops but luckily there are awesome folk out there and we actually did good.
Holstar gave us the complete track bike. Skin Grows Back, Crumpler, i ride bikes(King st.), Golden Greek Technologies, Shifter Bikes, Human Powered Cycles, Pony Bikes, Fibre Flare lights, Kaiser Charities, ToeCripps & EagleSoup all helped make it an awesome series.

Prizes are cool but people make the event, everyone have a beer on, no wait, for me. Thanks a shitload if you made it down to at least on of the races and start jackin it in anticipation for the next ToeCripps And EagleSoup produced event.

On The Day:

  1. Tommy Tucker (that really drunk bastard)
  2. Ian Human
  3. Chaz
  4. The Beagle
  5. Matty Bowen
  6. Anton MLB
  7. Son of Wolverine
  8. Jimmy
  9. Matt

Teagan Tank Girl looked like she had first girl until a flat tyre blew her out and her coconspirator Meg swooped in to take out the top ladies spot.

Final Standings:

  1. The Beagle 385
  2. Ian Human 340
  3. Tim the Terror 315
  4. Simon M 300
  5. Jimmy 250
  6. Tommy Tucker 250
  7. Chaz 200
  8. Matt 180
  9. Matty Bowen 175
    10.Liam 2 L’s 170
    11.Anton MLB 165
    12.Son of Wolverine 155
    13.Cambell 150
    14.Jimmy J 145
    15.Coffee Ben 135

Some of you learnt the hard way that participation is key, see you next year at all 3 races.
Hugs, kisses and ballz out!

Thanks for organising it, youse did a stellar job.

P.S. Does anyone have contact details for that girl in the pool? Pretty keen to fuck.

Thank God Im not alone she was super hawt. would flesh fork her at least

any photo’s? of the event i mean

She came into work today and asked for my digits on her pink phone, apparently had lost them at some stage.

i can’t tell if that is innuendo. never heard it referred to as a ‘pink phone’ before

It’s literally a pink mobile.

haha, he pulled it out today as well. good on him.

i can’t believe i earnt zero points from the courier cup, im such a piece of shit.

yes. I got drunk towards the end.

i,d fuck her AGAIN!

same man i am pulling the rookie ‘work all week cant be arsed, fuck yas’ card on this one. ooh its a good thing Beagle won it.

had a ball doing this (and won $100)

good work to lane and safa.

im pulling the, “im just a non glued tubular riding, heavy drinking piece of dirt” card, haha. who’s this BTW?
photos from the bikini babe checkpoint!

dirty skank, she like totally nicked that phone off me, like, omg, seriously, like, and it’s like tots cos she’s pissed that i look better in a bikini.

looks like i got tanked by jetgirl. dammit…

man i ripped my hot pants that day…