Yo yo, the courier cup is happening yet again. Another year of pain, the series has been extended to four races this year.
First race is this friday, the Jewellery Cat, based on a day of my work.
Meet in Hyde Park north, 6pm for rego. Finishing at bar 99 in Glebe to get our drank on.
10 dollar per race or 30 up front for all 4.
Winner of the series gets a return ticket to Melburn for the ACMC.
It’s the courier cup but all are welcome, it’s gonna be fun bustin through friday night city traffic, get yoselves down.

My scanner wont work so you’ll have to come to the park to sample my fine flyer artwork.

Via SSS fb page via prollys instagram ha ha


Edit: out.

most appreciated.

I’m going to win

Brian, your work sucks