Courier Cup Race #2 - Smellbm Poobaix

better late than never…

Now that the PussyCat has come, seen and conquered MDMA would like to proudly present the second race in the Courier Cup…

SmellBum PooBaix - A Really Shitty Race!

Friday October 7, 7pm for an 8pm start from melbourne museum


A breakneck dash between Melburn’s Public Toilets, a high speed blur of dunny rolls and glory holes. From the reeking trough of your local watering hole to the discarded syringes of your local beat. Snap on the rubber gloves and suck back a couple of very deep breaths because this is a race that’s going to take you places you probably shouldn’t go.

10 bucks to enter (unless you purchased our 20 crack CC value pack last week at Pussycat) - all proceeds go towards the Australian Cycle Messenger Championships, coming to melbourne easter 2012

Heaps of prizes from our infinitely generous yet slightly misguided sponsors including one for BEST COSTUME! fuck yeah, dress up like a poo, you know you want to

You will need a bag, you will need a lock, its a frickin courier race, work it out

this theme is awesome. gross, but awesome.

yep. apple bobbing halloween style with a difference?

enter without being a courier?

Yes, non-couriers can enter.

Gruesome! I’ll see you Fri.

Heeeellll yea!! Been dying for another race.

whats the course like? i dont know melb too well yet

The whole point is they don’t tell you, gotta think/poo on your feet. Just follow someone who doesn’t look like a muppet and you’ll be fine.

bring a melways (this isnt as stupid as it sounds… actually stopping to check where you are going has saved me from a number of big traps that riders with me have fallen into).

iphones are great, but you will be cursing the speed of your connection… plus you have the hige messenger bag, what else is going to be in it?

Dunny rolls.


its on tonight, get down to the museum at 7 for good times and, (if Alan’s description is anything to go by), quite possibly the grossest race in history

i need to take a shit now, but i’m not gonna til tonite, in case its part of the checkpionts.

(ps, i jest)

Mild fear in my bowels.

better than the gushing brown torrent of fear which shall surely burst forth from your bowels mid race

‘torrent’ being the operative word…


DFL’d sooo hard, wife had a blast in the rain and wind.
much love to all who organised/checkpointed/rode.
hot shower is good after riding in wet overalls.

Dont think Ive ever been so soaked in my life, great fun though. Still think I should have gotten some kind of prize for doing pushups, whatever ;p

Your prize is not being hungover this morning.

Btw don’t ride after a pint of vodka kids-

You had a dick on your face. Lolzzz