Courts / Melbourne

Having a discussion with Damon yesterday at the North Carlton court yesterday about a court I saw at Rathdowne Street.

The Carlton court is great but I really miss a fully walled/caged court in terms of not loosing the ball out of the edge/being able to be physical into the wall etc.

Some of the guys have tried the Rathdowne court but it was apparently too small.
I just knocked this up as a possible bribe to give it another shot sometime.

Downham Road in London is a little small but being fully walled and with seating along the long edge, it provides great tactical games with view for heckling.

Anyone keen to give it a try/re-try?


Sure, how about tomorrow after sunset, we can just roll on from North Carlton, there’s lights.

Last time we got mobbed by kids, but they should all be in bed by 9pm. Sometimes the guys who live there are playing basketball, will just have to check it out.

Are there any big courts in Melbourne (as in two tennis courts Brisbane style)? would be fun to have a roll around there.

The prahran court has 3 walled sides and the other side has a nice oval there where hipsters like Bene, will and Allen can work on their mad dog hacky sack skills :lol:

Do you have a google maps of the prahran court?

nope, there is a pic here tho.

Its on Union st/rd in Windsor, not Prahran sorry.

Ive got a feeling there are BBQs there as well, Lanes gonna cook up some more prawns up for us.

Is this the one?
Looks like there may have been development since the google pic.

Thats the one, there is a BMX track next to it as well.

More ways to hurt oneself.

hey guys,
I’m new around these parts, but I’m looking to get into some polo. I went down to both days of nationals a month ago or whenever it was, and it looked mad. I don’t have a mallet though, and don’t have the wherewithal to make one, now at least, so I was wondering if there are any I could borrow for the first one or two games or until someone explains to me how to make one.

just rock up, im sure someone will be happy to lend you their mallets and or girlfriends.

ok sweet, so just hit up wherever it says on the bike polo site on a tuesday or a sunday and there will be friendly people there, and not the kind that invite me into their unmarked van with promises of candy? there’s never any candy man

yeah something like that