Cousin Balki's Melbourne Rant Thread.


(had a tiny bottle of hot sauce from there that was incredible)

I believe so.

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also butchers paper on the tables… so retro but so fun!

i only went once & i’m pretty sure it was after a BCC event/race at DISC. feel like duggan & james were there, maybe you too…?

no memory of this event imo. sounds razzy but.

Reckon I was there that night. Banger.

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Fuckn. Seems like every bike shop in Melbourne has Orange Seal in their workshop, but none for fuckn sale.


We have some for sale. 3 sizes. Shrug

Yeah Jetnikoff had some too. Got wifento pick it up. What bike shop are you at?

He is a man of many locations, but one shop. Good Cycles!

BikeWest Fest on now, celebrating the official opening of the Quary Park MTB trails in Footscray. Should be fun.

rode into a packed bike hub/EOR this morning & discovered it’s ride to work day!


Not a lot of publicity about it. I couldn’t even find any mention on the BV website.

I remember Blakey’s guide to Ride to Work day. So many coffee stops.

I saw it was on and had intentions of stopping at the Docklands breakfast. Then I saw it wrapped up at 8:30am so found something better to do.

I got the 2nd last bit of bacon at ~ 9:15

got a free double espresso. was pretty good too!

drove to work. in my defence its 75km one way. Wouldn’t have stopped me once I suppose.

I got the bus. My commute is always too early to catch any of the freebies anyway.

Should still collect. They owe you for the rest of the year, surely?