Cow bells

DDCX is almost upon us and for those coming to watch there are certain duties that must be undertaken.
Cow Bell Oblong 12cm tall | eBay

Arm yourselves.


You can get a Cow bell ap for iPhones.

i wonder which will still be making noise after some rain and mud end up on/in them…

i found that your average music instrument store was cheaper and had louder cowbells (and more choice of sizing).

just dont think you can use a wooden spoon for a ‘drum stick’… it will shatter mid race :wink:

This is my home made CX bell. Bell cost me about $10 from music store. Has a large nut on a wire inside to ring it.

Is it loud? Oh Jeebus yes…

Old road forks that are no longer needed make good noise makers. Just get some sort of metal rod and insert between forks and thrash away.



I like the sound of this Liam! It would also work well with a street sign pole between the legs, rattling like crazy. That homemade job does look the business, though.

Steve, where did you get your bell from - I want to get one pretty quickly to take up to Arthur’s Seat tomorrow.

You need bongo’s too !!!

When a group of us went to the Ipswich CX race where our mate and Dan were racing, they were selling 2 Chinese made cowbells for $5.00…and cheap beer and frites. Best day ever!!!

I have the same bell, similarly modded, but sans handle. I think I might use tomorrow’s time at work to improve the design. Handy to have, just in case.

After a well spent morning in the shop…

Ready for anything.

That is awesome… how about a double ended cowbell?