Cracked alloy frame

Hi all, I have an alloy frame and I’ve just found a dirty big crack in my seat tube just above the top tube. Is this something a semi-decent frame builder can run a bead of weld over or is the frame kaput?

Expensive frame or cheap?

i have seen people cutting the frame off at that point and just getting a longer seat tube, looks like you have just enough room for a clamp there.
but please explore getting it fixed before massacring your frame

Sounds like a good option… was your seatpost inserted below the TT - ST junction?

not sure your asking me,
but yeah the idea of a longer seat post was that the clamp wasn’t doing as much “holding”, because the seat tube takes most of the pressure

Sorry adk - I was asking RadioDog if his seat post was inserted below the seat-tube/top-tube junction. (It looks like it probably wasn’t). But your idea is a good one.

No, it was a long seatpost that was inserted another 12-15cms past the top tube.

It’s an aero profiled seat tube so a chop and clamp won’t work. I’m hoping a little tweaking and a bead of welding will be all it needs, doesn’t need to be pretty.

Gripsport should be able to fix this.

Bugger - what kind of clamp setup? A wedge, to accomodate a round post or is it and aero post?

A wedge for a round post. But I think I’m going to put this one in the too hard basket … after I checkout Gripsport.