Cracked chainstay

Has anyone here gone through the repair process? If so how long have you been riding since the repair.
I’ve read a few posts here about repairs compromising the frame durability and was wondering if thats the case with most repairs.

Is Paconi the only man to see?

I love everything about this frame and don’t want it to die. Happy to spend $ to see it live on.

Call kumo. He’s in Melbourne this week, so you can talk to him and perhaps get your frame taken home with him.

What if he’s taking his woman to Melbz for a romantic weekend? If you’re advice is taken Kumo’s gonna be paying for a lot of shoes !!!

It has turned into a business trip for me which is fine. And I have done my penance, driving all her art stuff for her exhibition down from Canberra, she knows how much I hate driving!

In terms of the repair if it is done properly it should be just as strong as the original chainstay.
Im not taking on repairs at the moment cause I have lots of work to do in terms of whole frames to build

User Chimpy had a chainstay repaired at Paconi. It didn’t cost him much and it’s apparently as strong as ever.

Another option:

If it is an alloy frame or a MTB or beater I’d go gripsport. If you want a clean repair I’d go Kumo/Paconi.

Have cracked a chainstay near the dropout - welded it up. Good as new. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses forumers.
The HIllman is now going on a holiday to the Paconi workshop to get fixed and repainted.

Don’t hillman do frame repairs? Lol

Even if they did, I’d prefer to give my business to people I like/respect.

So Paconi is going to repair this crack and respray the frame and replace the decals. It seems as though cracked chainstays aren’t such a big deal to repair (in the hands of experts).

Do you know what it will cost yet?

$400 for repair, respray, hand detailing the lugs, recutting/applying the decals and a final clear coat.

Good value. Do you happen to have before and after pics?

Yeah that is good. I should get my suspected Perkins sorted out.

That is cheap as hell.

Here are the before pics. I’ve opted not to respray it red mainly because I don’t think that was the original colour and personally I’m over red frames.
I’ll update with pics of the repair when it’s done. (in a week and a bit)

The crack might be hard to see…

You getting the same decals?

Those 1970’s ones are def the best Hillman decals

Hillman don’t have any left unfortunately. Well they didn’t when I asked!