cracked paint around lugs

i am in the process of building up another fixie but have hit a possible speed bump.

ive painted up teh frame (rattle can) and when w was hitting the headset cups in ive managed to crack the paint around the lugs…

ive done a little research and this shouldn’t be a problem but just wanting to check and see if it has caused any major issues as i want to sort this out before i continue building up…

any help appreciated

There’s your problem - how hard did you have to hit it to crack the paint around the lugs? That seems to suggest there is be some movement between the head tube (or seat/top tube) and the lugs - not good.

I don’t think many people are going to be able to tell you if bashing the headset into a frame has caused major issues down the line, hopefully because they used a headset press.

Yeah, highly recommend NOT hitting headset cups in. Any sort of cracking in the headtube, even if it’s just the paint, it not good. I’d keep an eye on the cracking, the last thing you want is to go over the handlebars because your frame collapsed on you mid-corner.

As SanEsteban said cracking of the paint can suggest flexing around that area. Was there any further cracking around the lug after riding?

is so you might want to stripe the paint and check underneath. Just keep an eye on it