Cracked Rim, dump now?

Noticed this on the way in this morning, is it

a) dump right away dont ride it
b) fine for now, but look to replace soon
c) no wukkas

i dont bomb any real hills, and dont really jump kerbs etc.

if i do need to replace, anyone know where i can find off the shelf 26" rim brake wheelsets???..

Front or rear?

Front I’d dump ASAP. Rear I would look to replace very soon and check it each ride.

Dump now, but then throw away the rim.

Gumtree :wink:

Its the rear, ill probably check the inside of the rim tonight when i get home

reliable as always pinZO :smiley:

man, first thing i did. But i think i want to go new if i intend on commuting full time on it.

merlin does handbuilts

$300 shipped for a set of mavic Xm719s to LX hubs on DT plain gaugs spokes…sounds reasonable to me?

Just buy one from a bike shop for 100 bucks.

srsly. just find a cheap rear wheel from BPW or similar at your LBS like these:

Or this disc wheel that still uses a rim brake rim, so you can always use it on a disc bike later

Or scour gumtree for a vintage XTR / ceramic mavic wheelset.