Cracks developing in tyre sidewall

I have an oldish Rando tyre on my single speed, and they seem to be developing small cracks around the sidewalls.
I have had tyres do this before, while others don’t. Do I need to be concerned about such cracks developing? Is it the sign of a cheap tyre?

Thanks, Horatio

You seem to have had every tyre issue under the sun H.

But these threads do usually turn out to be pretty cool, sometimes funny ones :wink:

Any ideas?

No idea but I have the same tyre and same cracks. Here if you need support.

pretty sure my rear rando has the same thing happening. i’ve already skidded through one and it wasn’t an issue.

i’m not losing sleep over it

I had the same thing happen on a set of mine. They were probably 18mths plus and getting pretty worn by that stage, so I played it safe and binned them. They make em tough and the sidewalls probably aren’t likely to burst, but with your luck?!.. I’d buy a new tyre.

i had a similar thing happen to a rubino. i think it happened when i had a slow puncture and ended up riding on very low pressure for a while, it kind of squished the tyre flat and damaged the sidewalls. I still kept riding on it after that for quite a while though and it held up okay.