CraigC's nightmare?

A piece of vintage Aussie, from the days when Arnott’s was Australian owned, and “multicultural” meant “catholic”…

The only thing not original is the “Super Elliot” bell

Brooks “Sprinter” saddle, surprisingly comfy:

When was the last bike tyre made in Australia?

Late 40’s/early 50’s at best guess. Has the original owner’s name “M Hall MACC” (Malvern Amateur Cycling Club) on the top tube. I foresee a few quiet hours in the shed bringing this old soldier back his former glory.


Hey Captain, instead of releaving old blokes of their vintage crap, get a bigger house for the family. It must murder in the little cubby. :wink:

I will be interested to see how the Cecil Walker emblem turns out after the restoration, that is gold.

Have you been talking to my missus?


Can’t wait for the ‘after’ photo.

Hey Captain, whatever happened with this? Did it get the rebuild it deserved?