Cramerotti Road/TT Bike

I know absolutely nothing about these frames other than they’re Canadian built.
I rescued this bike AS-IS from a Cash Converters for a very VERY good pand it had been fairly damaged by the staff throwing it in the bike pile every day. It’s lost a bit of paint but who cares, I’ll ride it any day of the week!
This has Columbus 7005 Tubing
A Shimano 105 Groupset all round
and some Mavic Open Pro wheels

50cm TT
54cm ST
Weird open Bottom Bracket

Bike was bought as is (I re-did bar tape and added the TT/Tri bars)

Again, if anyone knows anything about these things, by all means tell me.

what i can tell you:
-they aren’t canadian made… though the store wont tell you that explicitly.

  • they are bulk ordered from an large italian production house. quality of the frames used to be very good, but has dropped considerably in the past 5-7 years. ive seen the ‘order form’ a few times and its more a stock geo order form than a custom order form.
  • the owners hate(d) urban fixed gear riders and would regularly pointedly ignore customers, but for a long while they had the only stock of high-end track parts in vancouver (this was 2004-2006ish iirc) so many of us ended up in there buying parts (or trying to). there were a couple of tricks to getting served… when they discovered how lucrative the ‘fixie market’ was they were pretty happy to take money from naive kids.

i meant to go by on my visit recently as they stock a variety of very euro brands that arent seen often in north america (they are rumoured grey importers which doesnt win them friends in the industry either). because of the oddity of some of the brands they stock their sales bins can be treasure troves…

There were 2 nos frames on ebay last week that looked liked this bb shell and scalloped seat tube etc…

Thanks Nikcee. You’ve answered more than ANYONE else.
Sounds like a nice place to shop… -__-

justdave what does NOS stand for? I’d be keen to know more about the other ones you saw, even if they weren’t Cramerotti’s.

I’m just trying to find out as much as I can about these weird things.

Nitrous Oxide Systems

makes you ride fast and happy

New Old Stock. I’ll post a link when I get home, work block on ebay.

Oversized aluminium looks like a ball breaker. I’d chuck some larger tyres on there to make it more comfortable.

thing looks TINY… did i see this at pushies? or a dif one?

It has 25c’s on there at the moment. It’s pretty comfortable actually, That said I haven’t put any serious KM on it yet due to a lack of shoes and pedals.
They’re on the to do list.

I like happy riding. Where do I get said “NOS” hahaha

This is the one from Pushies yeah.
I’m 175cm so it’s about perfect for me.

Short little legs.

Jump on ebay cycling/frames and search lightweight alloy. 2 frames ,blue and silver. User wilandsuzie.

Lightweight Alloy Road Bike Frame Brand New Medium 54cm Size, Racing Bicycle | eBay

Very similar indeed. Thanks guys

I distinctly remember hearing you utter the the words “fuk gears” when I first met you

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and hungry jacks, i fuckin hate that shit

I don’t think I would have survived uni without the two for one burger deal for students at hungry jacks

makes me sick now thinking about the number of double whoppers with cheese I must have consumed though

Oh, I still stand by the comment I made haha, I much prefer riding fixed, I feel more comfortable but that’s probably a case of not knowing when to change and where to.
I feel more comfortable on a simple setup.
I like that you called me out on it :wink:

as far as i know the BB shells were made by colombus, or at least came as part of colombus alloy tubesets

my ovington has one as well

Both are ludacris talk after a hard ride i crave hj’s onion rings mmmmm