Crank advice

Sooo, I have some Campy Strada 170mm cranks that I bought off a frand, andddd the left crank arm has a worn taper. Would it be better to try find a replacement or just grab a new set of crankz? (Also, recommendations on cranksets around 100 buckzz?)


Campagnolo Strada Crankset | eBay

You should thank Erle for his crank advice.

^ No need to get cranky.

Hahaha cheers, probably should have phrased op better, really what i’m wondering is whether it would be a better op. to replace it (was also only thinking of searching for a replacement left arm, rather than the whole crankset) or get a different crankset (if better value for same price range)

cranks a bunch

A bunch of cranks

have just picked up a set of miche advanced cranks for $135 from wiggle, have only got about 50kms on them but they seem pretty good.

Neat, they look pretty sw8, thanks!

Also, anyone know if Sugino Pista cranks are any good? (They’re going for like 50 bucks on cyclingdeal haha)

In terms of track crank hierarchy,

Sugino 75
Dura Ace
SRAM Omnium
Miche Pista
Sugino Pista??
Sigino Messenger


sugino RD2 and ring, $50 free post
sunrace 103mm BB $20 free post


throw in campy somewhere near the top

Yerhhh, I was wondering more about lower range cranks tho (they’re going on a pomp, so not really prepared to fork out the extra, as sw8 as those top 3 are haha).

wait, why is omniums in the middle? and where are the FSA carbons?

Perf. Thanks mayne. I’ll have to check if they’re compatible with my current BB.

Out of curiousity, any idea on the difference between the RD2 and this? (If there is one)

In my world Campy doesn’t exist…

Just spend the 20 on a new BB.

RD2 is 130 BCD and 42T ring, the one you linked is 110BCD & 48T ring. Very similar crank forging otherwise.

103mm BB will still give you a 45mm chainline on both, best you can do with the ring on the outside position.

Rad, I’ll pick up a set of those RD2’s and the BB next pay. Thanks for the help mann