Crank/Chainstay clearance problem

Hey guys,
I’ve got a jake the snake frame and am having trouble fitting the bontrager road cranks I have to it. I installed a hope exernal bottom bracket and tried a number of different spacer configurations but nothing seemed to work. The cranks were either hitting the chainstays or binding. I’m assuming this is because of the ‘flare’ in the stays to accomadate wider tires. How can I know that a new crankset will clear the chainstays? (does anyone have an appropriate crankset i could purchase) I would rather not use a square taper bottom bracket and keep my existing hope one.


To clarify- crank arms are hitting the chainstay, not the chainrings?

You do have the right HOPE BB to match the cranks? Bontrager are GXP aren’t they?

GXP (road) BBs generally aren’t to be used with spacers either.

Yeah they match, it’s gxp. Actually got/traded them from Erle and yes the crank arms are hitting the chainstays

Are both arms hitting or just one side?

If the cranks/BB are setup properly i.e. no lateral play but not binding it seems that maybe the cranks arms are just to narrow?.. however I’ve never heard of a CX frame having crank/chainstay problems with a external BB style crank…

Can you put spacers between the frame and BB to space it out but still have the non-drive side crank engage enough splines on the axle?

this thread could help once its back online


I think they might just be too narrow. I can’t put enough spacers in without not leaving enough splines for the crank, maybe it would just work but seems like a hodgepodge job. I’ll keep my eyes on those cranks, Cheers!

No shims on GXP BBs!

Q factor too tight for the frame then?

JtS came with FSA Gossemar cranks.
I don’t know who Trek have make their Bontrager cranks.
I’m guessing the FSA cranks are wider as H suggested.