Crank Lenght.

Hi Guys.

I’m new to tricking, and I have just purchased a Affinity Cyclone frame in order to build my 1st trick bike. I was wanting a little bit of advice on purchasing the right crank.

I want to run a BMX crank on this bike because number 1 they are strong and number 2 they look good (this bike needs to look the ducks nuts because its a promotional bike that is going to be used in shots for my fashion label) That being said it will also be ridden fairly regularly by me.

I have another fixed gear road bike with 165mm cranks which I find great as I still havent had any problems with bottoming them out.

I start to run into problems when I look for BMX cranks though as most I see are 175mm. So I guess my questions are.

  1. For the guys running 175mm cranks (particularly anyone with a Affinity Cyclone Frame) do you have any problems with pedal strike.

  2. Are there any good 160mm or 165mm chromoly bmx style cranks out there in a raw look (or has anyone got experience with stripping back and clearing painted cranks to give them the raw look)

I know Eighth Inch sell 160mm and 165mm raw chromoly bmx style cranks but I cannot find a stockist that have these in stock (including on Eighth Inch’s own website they are out of stock)

GEAR use to stock those cranks…

and they used to sell affinity cyclones. give them a call and they’ll give you good advice straight away

If you are running dual 700c wheels go with 165mm. If you are running dual 26 go 175
(im guessing you will be running 700c? Im prettyget pedal strike with 175s)
As for cranks, brands that make 165 include eighth inch, profile, demolition and resist
Give ebay a peep, i have seen a few ebay shops selling resist and eighth inch cranks. (All located in us though)
I will link you a few when i get home, im at uni on my phone at the moment

And paint stripping cranks will be fine. I have profiles that i have rawed but i didnt clearcoat them so they are all rusty lol

There are some Shimano DXR 165 cranks around, mostly from ex-show bikes, so would probably suit your purpose, but they cost a fair bit.
Worth it though, cos those fashion shoots can be hard on a bike.

Resist Fixed Gear Bike Relapse Track Cranks 165m Polish | eBay

thats a polished resist crankset. $153 USD shipped to australia, thats pretty good!

i couldnt find the eighth inch ones though…

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

I ended up bidding on some Resists on ebay from an American seller in 160mm length to minimise overlap/pedalstrike.

I will setup a thread in post your ride detailing all the parts going into this build and all the work I’m putting into making this bike unique; for all those interested in checking out what I’m putting together.