Crank pullin'

I need some advice about pulling a certain pair of cranks.

I’m doing a part swap from my Fixie to my SS and can’t get the second set of crank of. The first set came off fine but my suginos won’t budge. The crank puller seems to be making contact with the BB (Token) but alas, no movement. What could the problem be an how could I go about fixing it (short of heading down to the LBS)?

Advance cheers.

Are both sets of cranks/BB square taper?

Are you using a crank puller like this?

Sometimes they are just on damn tight and it’s hard to get enough leverage on this style of puller.

Your LBS will probably have one of these (below), which you can attach a long shifter too. If you have one of these, then you just need to man up :-P:

be careful not to use cheap crank pullers. i did this and it ripped the thread on my suginos.

Wow… I’ve only ever heard of that happening when people use the wrong puller… i.e. splined puller on square taper. You would think that on a cheap puller, the threads on the puller would get ripped, not the other way around :?

I’ve used an Icetoolz puller (same design as the second one) on all my cranks and never had a problem.

yeah it was one of the pullers that comes with those $50 bike tool kits. its threads were really dull. i was stupid to use it as i’d had trouble with it previously (but forgotten).

the threads on the suginos are still ok, but it certainly didn’t help their cause.

@OP are you vegan? just try harder it should come out eventually

@icecream sounds like you didn’t make sure that the part of the tool that screws into the crank thread wasn’t tight enough. I have used the cheapest of cheap crank pullers before and never had that problem

nah trust me man, it was in nice and snug. its failed me before. its a POS.

Haaaa, ate some concrete and the suckers came right off. Thanks guys/gals. :3

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