Cranks....Does size matter?

My FSA Omega cranks are 175mm long, everyone says that dangerous cause of clearance and pedal slap etc.
what are average sized cranks?
anybody have longer ones?

165mm would be the size cranks most people would use. Gives enough clearance around corners, and with your front wheel (in most cases).

165mm cranks are commonly used on track bikes because the smaller radius helps to spin and helps reduce toe overlap and pedal strike. But 165mm aren’t the only length used on the track - dura ace track cranks are sold in 165, 170 and 172.5.
Road cranks typically range from 165 to 180mm.

After my 165mm cranks were nicked I replaced them with 172.5mm road cranks. I already had significant toe overlap before but now it’s shocking, though pedal strike hasn’t been an issue at all. This was on my 52cm track bike, if you’re riding a conversion then pedal strike may be more of an issue.

I went from 172.5s to 165 and it’s a world of difference when it comes to spinning

Though i’m not sure how much harder it makes the gear, it’s a gain ratio(sheldon) of 5.5 vs 5.7

it all comes down to your size, just like when you size your bike frame and every other component. Although they do say that a longer crank arm vs a smaller crank arm on the same GI will be easier to pedal.

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check out your bottom bracket height; BB height and your crank length are what you want to take into account when worried about pedal strike.

Track bike BB’s are designed higher to allow for the Velodrome Banking.
I think there is a minimum BB height for velodromes… a trackie will know.

I ride 170mm on a road/path (high BB) bike with no issues.

Thanks man. i’ve never had crank slap or anything so i guess my bottom brackets height is fair good. Conversions are the best

I rode 175mm on the street on a track frame for ages without pedal strike… as anw said, the critical number is clearance, not crank length. Check this thread where it was discussed before:,8364.0.html

Conversions have lower BB heights than track frames… and running BMX pedals like the tricksters makes a big difference.

yeah sorry my post was misleading.
my frame is considered a road/path frame. high bb for the path (track) but comfy geometry for lazy rides in the country side. :wink:

– it has track ends

+1 I did exaclty the same with the same gear ratio and have found it makes a world of difference to how fast I can spin. It does make it harder to grind up hills though.

how the shit did someone steal your cranks? did they steal the whole bike?

The longer the crank arm the more leverage you have, but more chance of overlap and pedal strike, but in saying that if your legs are little then you don’t necessarily want that extra leverage.

I run 170mm cranks fine and i’m a taller guy. Toe overlap isn’t an issue on my bike because the geomotry aint that tight at the front. But the BB is still elevated.