cranks on the banks

What are the longest cranks (on a track frame obviously) you can get away with at DISC to avoid strike when riding slowly. Its a pretty steep bank.

How tall are you?

Very, I ride 175’s on the road.

When I used to race there I used 165mm length cranks, so I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your crank length.

However you could always draw a little diagram on a piece of paper that takes into account:
-bottom bracket height
-crank length
-pedal type
-DISC banking angle

This would tell you if there is a possible clash, yes? :slight_smile:

you should use 165s.

the banking is 42 degrees, if you want to do horatio’s diagram. if, like me, maths hurts your head, just take my word for it.

Dunc Grey (2000 Olympic 'drome) in Sydney is 42degs also, 170 probably the most common length there.

Isn’t Dunc Grey (2000 Olympic 'drome) out near here?

cheeky heatseeker… :evil:

165 for Sprinters
170 for Madison and Points riders (Scratch to)
175 for Pursuit Riders

These are for pretty much any track up to 42 deg in bank. These are all based on a 70mm BB Drop. As the longer the crank the more leverage you have, that’s why they are seperated into racing cats.

This is the best way

This also relates to the way you ride, sprinters are more likely to be going slow in the banks and swerve on the bank, the point at which clearance is most important.