Cranksgiving Nov 21 - Food drive on two wheels

Hey all Cranksgiving is back.

The first iteration back in 2008 was a great success - Crankenmass. Now Cranksgiving Melbourne is aligning with the same date as the New York event - 21 November.

Get your bike, lock, bag and $20 and come out to support a great charity.

Part treasure hunt. Part alley cat. All good fun.

Currently looking for anyone interested in helping out with the following tasks

  1. Graphic design (flyers, spoke cards, update website)
  2. Sponsorship for prizes
  3. General help (planning route, taking photos, setting up)
    Let me know if you would like to get involved


We are a go!!

Get involved and come along.

Looking for sponsors for prizes. If you know anyone, a store, coffee roaster, bike bits etc who’d love to be a part of this get in touch with me.

This was good times back in 2008. Will participate again.

I’d have liked to participate, but I’ve got a wedding to attend that night. sounds like a rad idea.

I’ll get work to spruik this.

Cheers Mike. I’ll have some posters/flyers ready by the end of the weekend.

Registration is open. Get on it.

Thank you so much to all of you who have registered for Cranksgiving tomorrow. A couple of reminders!!!

If you haven’t registered do it over at Eventbrite.

Please bring a helmet and make sure your bicycle is in good working order. The route (if done the shortest possible) is about 10km long.

We will be meeting at the Melbourne Museum forecourt from 12:30, get there early to plan your route. The ride will commence at 2:00.

There will be a waiver to sign before you get your list of items to purchase, reminding you of basic road rules.

Thank you again for supporting such a fantastic cause.