Crap bike lanes..

We have some crap ones here too. Post a pic of the shockers you find.

One of Brisbane’s finest:,-95.677068&sspn=33.984987,67.763672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Brisbane+QLD,+Australia&ll=-27.471629,153.022763&spn=0.001161,0.002068&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-27.471583,153.022675&panoid=g_Mj9JYk63i0ljPgOoB3nw&cbp=12,81.44,0,17.6

Follow the William St arrows two clicks… WTF!

haha, its weird, i ride through there every 2nd day or so, but iv never looked at it like that/noticed that the bike lane just goes into nothing, haha.

I face palmed when I first rode it. Now I just use the bus lane. That whole Victoria bridge is a cluster fuck though anyway. I often wonder what the hell I would do if I punctured there. I can just imagine the town planners sitting down in a meeting:

“Hey where are we going to put this bikes lane?”

“Well we’re pretty tight for space, so let’s just put it 30cm to the right of oncoming buses and 30cm to the left of following cars.”

“Great, let’s have lunch!”

someone needs to concrete some transition onto the traffic island at the ‘end’ of the bike lane so you can jump over into the bus lane.

but in all seriousness, thatd take you by surprise if you flew threw with buses on the left and cars on the right! do many people crash there?

Sydney’s finest thinker, Clover Moore, seems to think painting bicycles on the streets makes them bike lanes. (Around newtown and erskineville at least… i’m so fortunate my council takes the effort to provide me with a visual indicator that i can actually ride on the road! who’d have though!)

Three step guide to painting bike lanes in Sydney:
1 - Paint on the worst, unsealed and bumpy sections of the road.
2 - Make them the perfect width of a small car door.
3 - Paint them on the steepest, unused streets possible.

If I understand it correctly the new lane on fitzroy street St Kilda is dual carriageway on one side of the street. It kinda strikes me as a serious accident waitimgto happen. Nice one city of port Phillip

Yes, I posted about this when it first opened.
It’s a stupid, confusing bike path design. It would be fine if there were other similar dual carriageway bike paths integrated on one side of the street in Melbourne, but there isn’t! All it does is confuse motorists.

Possibly the crappiest bike lane in the whole of Melbourne- Swanston St and Princess Bridge

Every time you ride over Princess Bridge, a car will be in the 500mm wide bike path, or someone will open a car door on you.

And Swanston, well we all know how crap that is… :expressionless:

Especially intersection Flinders/Swanston- pedestrians always walking out when the bike signal turns green. SHIT HOUSE.

Ditto on those.

Burwood Rd - Just after the major intersection near the Yarra, the bike lane disappears into the curb, only to re-emerge into a metre wide lane of bluestone ! Fun in the wet!!

+1 on Swanston, I am surprised I have not seen an accident there.

My friend got taken out on Royal Parade the other day by some idiot opening their door into him. Then when he got up, the dude yelled at him for “going to fast in a bike lane and being to close to the cars parked”. I would have lost it.

It’s funny that it was not until I got back from 6 months in Copenhagen that I realised how bad bike lanes are here - I thought they were normal because I grew up in the country, where bike lanes are not existent. In Copenhagen, the only thing you have to worry about with bike lanes is the occasional moped user clipping you on the way through.

Ahhh Copenhagen… I wasn’t used to riding in such awesome bike lanes that when I wanted to turn at the lights, I’d do what I do here, which is going across the lanes to the turning lane, not ride up to the lights and do hook turns like everyone else.

Also saw a courier with a coaster brake!

That place is amazing.

pretty amazing passive-aggressive urban planning going on there. It’s pretty clear you’re supposed to take the ramp on to the shared footpath (what fun) and if you want to stay on the road, well, that’s your business. It’s not even signed as a bike lane - probably too narrow to meet the spec, if there even is such a thing. Fuxx0rs;;

Fitzroy st is all about recreating the classic ‘shitty bike path’ experience, in the middle of the road. It integrates cyclists with other cyclists, not with traffic. ogthanx

besides the fact that the bike lanes are rubbish. the new ones melbourne city council have laid down are super bad.
even though the lanes are more visible and clearer. the materials they are made out of are dangerous.
if you have to skid on one it rips right through new or tough tires. and if you were to crash while riding on one who know how bad it would be.

This is scariest part of my commute by far. I count the days until I finally get doored by someone impatiently jumping out of a cab, or getting dropped off at flinder st station