Crap quality tools

I saw this on the PBK promotion this morning. I can say from experience this chain whip is a POS and don’t buy one! I bent it pretty quick.

Save up for the Shimano TL-SR21 instead.

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Shit tools= not worth it

I saw some the other day that came with a coloured chain. So you can match it your coloured chain I guess.

fucking sad.

Completely agree with that. Buy quality buy once. You will not find a better chainwhip/ lockring tool that the shimano.

i bought a cheap icetoolz kit and use it everyday, no problems.

I don’t understand the post… why don’t you just use a hammer?

that is the best you can get…
mine has a spare section of supertoughness njs chain on it… pimped out with gold chain, even better!!

If you have to work on your bike every day i think you have a problem.

My SuperB tool (same design as above) lasted awhile, until the day I really needed to torque a sprocket/cassette. Fail.

My LiFu chainwhip handle folded under pressure like the Melbourne Demons.

My Shimano chainwhip very rarely gets used, but when I do get it out I know its not going to result in my fingers smashing into the spokes.

Slightly off topic, but I’m getting a socket set from my girlfriend for my birthday. I’ve always bought Sidchrome hand tools because that is what my Dad has always used both at home and work. Is there any other tools I should be looking at?

Just bought some Stanley gear. Lifetime guarantee. Good alternative if you want to go lower cost than Sidchrome.

Or if you want to go crazy upmarket look at Stahlwille, Germany’s finest. Mrs Commuter’s dad gave me a Stahlwille 1/4" driveset years and years ago for Xmas and it’s been the most useful thing ever. Hex key , torx and screwdriver bits also available. Your great-great-great-grandchildren will thank you. I’ve built many bikes and other things with mine. Specialty tool shops only.

yeah, its called cleaning out the shed and putting stuff on ebay

yeah, its called cleaning out the shed and selling bike stuff on ebay. maybe i should’ve said every other day.

Geeze you think ahead. I’m usually thinking ‘will this chainwhip work on my sweet fixie until the end of summer?’

I buy Park and Pedros tools, they’re more expensive but they do last a lifetime. Cheap tools only end up costing the buyer more down the road.

I must admit, the Lifu pedal spanner with the 14/15 on the other end is pretty good for the price.

Said before how incredible the Shitmano whip/lockring thing is- I do also like my Campagnolo pedal spanner and 15mm “peanut butter” spanner.
I guess there are perks to working around and in bikes and bike shops for nearly 40 years- I don’t use cheap.

And before you ask, no you can’t borrow anything ever.

Sidchrome is good, but I’ve heard since stanley has owned them, they aren’t as good (mostly the rachet drivers). If you look for the set with handles that look like this then you’re getting older stock, which is ‘better’.
Kinchrome is also very good, and i’d say better value then sidchrome.
Bahco is also another brand to look out for although they are the new kids on the block when it comes to socket sets.

It’s all about the long game.