Crap tyres...

I would just like to say that Maxxis Denonator tyres are really, really shit. I know they’re cheap, but god, I got a puncture in the first couple of days of putting them on. Back to Gatorskins I think…

Also to the woman who cursed me because I stopped on a pedestrian crossing 10mm into the white line near the corner of Chapel/Toorak Rd, f*ck you snob!
You should be grateful I follow the law and stopped at all!

What is wrong with people these days?
-end rant-

Buy cheap, buy twice. But seriously, I’ve got gatorskins and denonators. I don’t find that one offers more puncture protection over the other.


Indeed. I’d have to disagree with you- just looking at the Maxxis tyre, you can see there is hardly any material on it- the gatorskin on the other hand has quite a thick section, coupled with Kevlar. I think the Detonators are just rubbish and I’m not going to waste my time again, baggh. I’m just pissed I got a flat on the road yesterday.

I have Detonators on both my bikes and agree that they are not very puncture resistant. I think I have had 4 or 5 punctures in the last 2 months. I am real paranoid now and always carry a spare tube.

It might not help that I live in an area where there are smashed bottles all over the roads.

Detonator - The name says it all.

That’s the problem I’m facing now- paranoid about getting a flat everytime I go out on the bike. It’s ridiculous when you stop trusting your equipment. I wonder is there a better 700/23c puncture resistant tyre than the Gatorskin?

Remember that year when you got punctures everytime we went for a ride- remind what tyres you had? :roll:

I bought them because they were cheap and I thought I would waste them pretty quick doing skid stops all over the place.

I still can’t do skid stops (mild retardation I think :oops:) so the tires aren’t wearing as fast as I would like.

We get special treatment here in Qld - there is no requirement for the towies to sweep up glass/plastic bits etc when clearing a crash up so there is plenty of tyre-wrecking crap on the roads.

I run Gatorskins with reasonable puncture performance, slashed one on the “Werewolves of Brisbane” down the coast whre they are even more careless - if there is something better I would like to know about it!

28c denonator aint too bad…never get puncture. But I did skid through them in month and a half, they’re cheap so might as well. :roll:

I’ve been running some 28mm detonators for months with no flats so far (just tempted fate didn’t I?)

I had 28mm gatorskins that I flatted numerous times (bamboo skewer, glass…)

How about Schwalbe Marathon Plus’?

Do they come in 23/25c?

Kenda Contender - And that what they remained as, a mere contender, not a winner :wink:

Oh those were the days eh?

Yeah good times, good times!
Detonator, Contender what’s with the lousy product names? At least call them something inspiring like Maxxis Super Champion or Kenda Winner…


I have a pair of these sitting at home that were free and i’m kinda scared about chucking one on the back.

Rubino’s/RubinoPro’s have been very good to me in the past.

The gnarlier the name, the crapper the tyre!.

ive got 28mm detonators and theyre fine. i hardly ever skip stop but they seem to be wearing pretty quickly, so maybe i wont get em again. still, sooo cheap.

just put some gatorskins on my other bike, so we’ll see how they go.

i never had any issues with the rubinos i used to use, not til i wore them right down.

i’ve found for cheap and good tyres buy from

its far cheaper than the shops, if you buy a few pairs shipping isn’t that expensive


Schwalbe Stelvio Plus. I’ve NEVER EVER had a puncture on them. I ride over glass etc never fails, even when skidded out on the back throught the top black layer then even through thr blue layer underneath.