Crazy Low pro

even crazier lacing.
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Jeeezus.H.Fuckin Christ!!!
I just put my neck out thinkin about how you’d ride that thing.
That’s EXTReeeeeeeeeME.

dang son, that pro is real low

with mad huge rizorz

im becoming a fan of fillet brazing, but that thing is reee-diculously low.

Man I hate that lacing.

I hear ya.

Same colour and set up as my low pro, but about 60 degrees more angle. Ouch.

Someone lend me 2 grand and I can murder it by running bmx risers.

hoowaahhh radness, on account of the front spoking pattern it only gets a 8/10 on my excitometer

the drop part of the drops would never get used, Hell the handlebars wouldn’t get used. who can possibley have that much flexibility?

I honestly think this should have been paired with a 700c wheel and fork. That is absurdly low at the bars.

Like I say why put your back out for something without a pulse?