Crazy old british shit.

Extremely rare vintage Sun Manx TT 531 framset.Restored & stunning.Fillet brazed | eBay

check out the Mercian from the same seller. Super nice.

What are the FD brazeons for? And a pump mount on a TT frame? What kind of TT are we talking about?

For a long time there was no such thing as massed start racing in the UK so the only form of road racing was in a time trial form where bikes had a single front chainring, sometimes only one brake and either internal hub gears or mounted rear derailleur gears. For some periods during the war they even raced in civilian clothes as sanctioned racing was suspended. It’s during this time that the term path racer as many amateur club racers modified they’re track bikes to race on the rode and/or stripped gears and brakes to ride on the track depending on what race they were attending becuase it was such a luxury to have just the one bike let alone separate bikes for each event.


Ahhhh. Fender mounts.