I decided to put in a new sealed bottom bracket and chain on, as my drive line was a little noisy and was made up of bits and pieces. since then I have heard a creak. so I have taken out the sealed bottom bracket and re installed it. still creaking. I have greased the crank bolts and tightened fucking tight… still creaking. I have taken the dust caps of my time atac allums, tightened the nut and filled with grease. still creaking. It has to be somthing to do with this area as the creak is most noticeable on the up stroke of my right foot and is in the same spot each time.

Help please

Sounds annoying.


does it happen when you pedal standing? if not, could be saddle/seatpost.

I assume you greased the BB threads when you installed it? Other than that, maybe a loose chainring bolt or two.

Yes it is worse uder bigger loads

Forgot to say I checked all chainring bolts and yes i did grease the threads.

what happens if you put your old bottom bracket back in?
Probably annoying to do, but you seemed to have tried everything else.

had a similar prob once. Went all over the BB, got the LBS to look at it twice, regreased etc.

Ended up was dry pedal thread - where it threads into the crank.

actually just read the whole thread properly.

“it’s worse under loads”

Had this problem once too. Badly worn chain or worn sprocket with hooked teeth or combo of these two factors can give you bad creaking noise when you take off, going up hills etc, then be silent on the flat.

But if you think the noise is really coming from the crank area and you’ve given the BB all the treatments, then I’m still thinking dry pedal thread.

BBs creak if they aren’t installed properly - ie. faced frame and properly tightened…

i get the same thing
and mine is whenever the cranks are in the same position so its definately the bb or cranks
but im yet to be bothered to fixi it

i had a creaking like this, i thought it was my bottom bracket

then my rear stay’s snapped.

i know its probly not your stay’s but you know check them

could be your bones.

try greasing seatpost and rails of saddle.

I also had this problem - i fixed it by changing the chainline and had slightly looser chain tension

Shoe cleats?


Chastity belt?

Here’s an amazing page for working out noises in a bike. Often its not what you expect.

what kind of bottom bracket is it?
is it one of those shimanos with the plastic cup on non drive side? cause i had one of those that creaked but lots of grease on the threads fixed mine.
good luck.