creakys knee crackers

calling all hipsters, couriers, kouriahs, polo studs, freds, commuter cup champions, tarck c*nts, greg normals, lone wolves, team fuji crews, douchebags, , trixsundaes, chax’n’staxs, ex-tuesday night fixeds, steffos, CHICKS (prizes for the ladies), njs walkers, handsome types, and anyone else i missed who rides fixed/single speed keep the afternoon of sunday 13th november free as i shall be putting on a cycling race around the city and its surrounds… should be a lazy 30-35k with a few of my favourite parts of town included
more details to come

Date marked.

Not dating Mark.

Mate darked.

Please not too early though, i’ll be jet lagged, hungover and wondering where I left my bike.

WHAT? are you coming back?

Just for this ride*. I wanted to get in before some Merckx guy gets all the publicity.

*plus a wedding while I’m there.

How long are you back for?

Can you bring some Merckx with you?

woah Dan is coming back.
not sure if I will be able to ride for any long distance by then, but can help out if needed.

A leg or a frame?
I’ll be back for a few weeks, long enough few a few rides and pints I expect

Either but preferably a frame.

Let me know if you need a bike while your here, I have a few spares that should fit you.

If you want something let me know asap, either get on the bays, or if you have something particular in mind let me know, there are a couple shops i could dig through.

Thanks for the bike offer, my fix is back there somewhere still so i should be sorted.

RODAN good to hear from our long lost german export… and will be even better seeing you racing in a few weeks!

OK fixie fanatics knee crackers is just over two weeks away now… i am effing close to a flyer/poster but for now details are as follows:

race start sunday 13th 1:00pm
sign on from 12ish
meet at the rotunda in the middle bit of port road, across from number 200
you will need: a pen, a camera/phone

hopefully should be a good afternoon of cycling entertainment, thanks to the BIKEDORKS crew we will be ending up after the race at the warehouse (old sovereign auto repairs) at 238 angas street again for some beers, beats, and apparently some pork roll goodness as well

Looking forward to it! Is it too early to taper my training?

hugs you are always in peak condition

Scan the flyer and put it up, yo!

ask and ye shall receive (sort of)

OK you fixie fucks this shit is ON tomorrow!!

hopefully should be a good day

see you all in the middle of port road after 12

Thinking about coming down lone wolf so be friendly!

we are all a friendly bunch

i just inappropriateswear a bit too much

well i finished a bit early. got a flat from a big chunk of glass, patched it, then as i was pumping it back up the valve ripped off. had to walk home :confused: