Creswick to Melbourne by bike.

Hello members of FoA, I have a ride to the Fred Icke handicap on the weekend but can’t seem to find a ride home. Thought about taking the train but you know trains are boring and they cost money and whatever.

I was wondering what the easiest/safest way to ride from Creswick to Melbourne would be?

A quick visit to google maps shows a few different options but I have never been on any of the roads so if anyone has ever been riding out around this area some advice would be great.


i’d say you’re gonna be proper fucked after the race. hitch a ride from a fellow cyclist back into ballarat then catch the train. i’ll spot you the 7 bucks if you’re desperate.

I’ll see how the legs feel. I’m guessing you’re spot on though and I’ll be wrecked, in that case I’ll just ride to Ballarat and catch the train. I feel weird about asking someone random from the race for a lift.

A long ride to Melbs. As Brendan says, after a race would be hellish. Check the trains will be running. The Ballarat line has an annoying habit of track work on weekends lately and only supplying coaches.

Thanks for the tip off on checking for track work Dan! So I guess maybe just riding too Ballarat would be more sensible. I’d rather ride to Melbourne than get a bus though.

You’d have a tailwind the whole way home at least…

Ride home, film it, put nice music behind it, profit.

yeah yeah, do this.

i’ll rent a car, bring your track bike out there, drop it off to you, collect your roadie, then film you struggling home on 96".

will i just come pick you up instead?! hell no, that’d be crazy.

Is the mountain my friend?

it’s all downhill anyway…

I think I just started trolling my own thread …

The quickest route by bike would definitely be heading back to the Western Highway and home if you aren’t going to catch the train. That will make for a seriously long day.

If I tell you to “do it you pussy” and you die along the way, am I legally liable in anyway?

They’ve put GH in the limit bunch. Maybe you’ll be able to ride home after all.

They have made an error.


Not an error, I’m no good at racing road! Or I doubt it anyway, my endurance is very questionable. Track success does not equal road success.