Creux Cycling

This brand was mentioned in this post and after checking out their site, I’m digging some of their designs, and nice choice of fabric too. The padding on the jeans doesn’t look too bad and should prevent me ripping any more jeans. (saves a trip to the russians)

Anyone here bought anything yet? Thoughts? I’ll probably head into Northside Wheelers soon to check their stuff out in person.

Nick at Saint Cloud also stocks their gear too, Van from Crew was kind enough to sponsor our ride up to Sydney-rode with it every day and couldn’t fault it.

Yeah their stuff looks aweosme. I’m really keen on one of the hoodies

I’ve been wearing their jeans and tee for a month now.

Creux tees for Melburn Roobaix too - they’ll be the best yet. Great cut.

I’ve had the jeans for about a month as well and love em, pretty comfortable with enough stretch for riding and the reflective label that shows when you roll the drive side leg up is a nice touch for riding at night.