Critical mass bike ride and climate action

Saturday, 24 October 2009
11:00 - 14:00
outside of PICA at the cultural centre in Perth

Critical mass bike ride for international day of action on climate change-the biggest simultaneous climate action ever!!

Meet outside of the PICA gallery, at the cultural center in Perth…so tell everyone!!

Take the streets to the esplanade where we assemble for an aerial photo in formation! then we cruise to parliament house, to meet the other rally

Critical mass at a critical point in time for humanity! Ride to show the world that we will not wait patiently for an irreversible climate catastrophe!

The COP15 International climate negotiations are set to take place in Copenhagen this December, and we need to send the strongest possible message to the federal government that Australians want to see a binding climate agreement to stabilise emissions at three hundred and fifty parts per million-the minimum level that scientists believe will be necessary to avert disastrous climate change. With over 2000 actions occurring in over 150 countries, we can all be a part of a climate solution.

After Perth, its on to Fremantle, at a friendly pace, finishing up at Clancy’s fish pub at around 2pm.

For more info, check out, or the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s

… And what are you doing to make a change, Gink? Other than not showering, using soap nor deodorant?

just joshing mate, just joshing!

So, who’s up/down for this?

You comin’, Gene-a-licious? Zxcvbnmjm? Savage? Caibs with your nu B43 Bomber/z? Prawza? Caution?

Anyone? •sigh•

Looks like I’ll be going by my ownself!

BYO tree for huggzzz! :wink:

I would have thought staying at home looking at the corner of a room would produce less carbon. Riding your bike means you expel carbon.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

After reading the above. It look like a huge money making scam. I hope you are keeping a tab on your ‘climate debt’.

pfff lets be serious guys
i just wanna go for a ride
i dont give a shit about the amount of carbon i produce while riding

yes i will be there fo shiz.
got nothing better to do

QED :roll:

quod erat demonstrandum?

quit eating dogs?

Queer Elephant Disability?

haha :smiley:
not sure what qed is! but i kinda like the elephant one!! seems like a great excuse for a thrash around our fine city! see ya there!

saturday… finishing at a pub, I’m there…

Numbers are on the up!

Anyone poodling in from Leedy/North Perth way? Savage? Gene?

QED!!! shit how did he find out im QED??!!! ive been outed

i will be at work and probly only finish once its already started
ten i will call you to find out where you guys are and will come meet up


no good?

wouldve liked to have gone but had to sell my car ey.

was good fun once me and ten ditched the 300 hippies who couldnt ride in straight lines, and powered off to freo with another rider from down that way

ride back was a bitch… head wind!

you lads interested in a ride later on in the week, maybe go for a belt through kings park then hit a pub up?

hrmmmm well if you twist my arm i guess so

for sure just say when

When are you thinking of this, M?

dunno ay. i was gonna say friday but it looks like i’ve got work then. so maybe thursday? probably wont be able to get trollied though coz of work in the morning.