Cross frame, group set, other stuff: good seller to watch

eBay Seller: alicegoesbiking: Sport items on eBay Australia

If it wasn’t for the 135mm spacing on the cross frame id snap that up, great price.

Yeah that cross frame rules.

That road frame is pretty rad too. Awesome seatstays.

I was asking a frame building friend about that cross frame, his reply, vomit. Something about wacky german geometry (I wasn’t paying too much attention, I was laughing at his use of the word vomit. I’m sure my inattention to detail, and failure to write a written report with offend the sensibilities of some posters on here. Sorry sir.). I would have snapped it up otherwise.

Looks a little to MTB in the TT length perhaps?

Digging the socks and sandles in one of the photo’s