Cross? trail? 29r? Flatbar cross? WHO KNOWS!!!

Hey heres my On-One Blowjob. Cant stop riding this thing. heaps of fun.

Frame was a birthday present from some awesome friends.

Seatpost/Stem: Thompson
Bars: Ragley Carnegies (Super Stiff Sushies. Great bars. highly recommend.)
Levers: Avid speed dials.
Brakes: XTR M970s (sickest brakes ive ever used.)
Cranks: Duracé 7400s (will be replaced with White Industries once i have some $$$)
Wheels: Mavic CXP22s
Tyres: Ritchie 35s
White Industries Freewheel
Vans cult Grips
shitty saddle

Shit photos. sorry


at some point the brakes will start to squeal like crazy as the pivots wear. Then it’s time for the ziptie mod.

Fronts pretty squeely. whats this Ziptie fix you speak of.

Sorry but did you check all the components with Blakey before the build?

Jokes aside looks awesome, a real all-rounder. Chuck a drop bar on it and it is a CX bike, right?

you ziptie the parallel linkage to the brake arm. Ask Tris about it when you’re at commuter for fenders.

Didnt check the brakes! Squeeeeeeel

Yeah not sure what it is. kind of an all rounder. Really fun on single track though. (or maybe single track is just really fun)

For sure. i’d probably have to change the brakes though. unless you can get linear pull levers for drops.

Yes- TRP CX-9’s

Naah, just get the tektro v-brake pull drop bar levers. Much easier and more tyre clearance.

Ah shit didn’t check with Blakey first. Dammit.



So is there a name for this kinda bike. Half cross/half trail. Does it count as a 29r? (probably not)

I would have just gone with ‘cool’.