crushed frame

is it common to have your bike knocked over, then driven over? do people really do this on purpose?

:-o :? :-o photo’s?
i think someone owes someone a bike, or someone else is owed a crushed car.

is this the post hipster era emerging? :stuck_out_tongue:

i try to knock over and then run over bikes as often as i can when i’m commandeering my tank

usually worth 10 points, 15 extra points for domino effect

A cop did that to my friend’s bike once. He was riding naked, cops chased him, he bolted, went into a carpark and jumped a fence. Came back for his bike a couple of hours later and the cops had just driven over it a few times. Completely totaled.


in some parts of the world it is a way of letting someone know you are attracted to them.

This is a rare example of the mating ritual in New York:

That was the bikes fault for sure - burns up the inside of the van, then slows down just in front of him… the driver was prolly just looking up ahead at the lights or something and din’t even see him.

courier fail.

pretty bummed, guess its time for a new bike!

Does he say “you fucked up my lifestyle” when he takes the bike over to the van?

Lifestyle does sound like bicycle so I might be mistaken.

Nope, pretty sure he says lifestyle.

It sucks when your lifestyle gets run over by a van.