CTA Blog

Good day to all,

I have started a blog to let everyone know what is happening at CTA. It will be an evolving and sporadically updated news bulletin of sort.

Go the CTA home page and there is link at the bottom. When I get it figured out, I will try to get it incorporaed into the home page in some way without it dominating the site.


A great idea. Always include everything that you are making, building, selling into your blog, just so we know exactly waht you have on for offer. Before you ask, yes I know we can use the phone, but for some reason in the modern life of ours…some people still love this internet thing.


Thanks, Rhino. I have a lot of material that crosses my desk and workbench, but it tedious composing E-mails and updating the web-site whenever my brain kicks into gear about something I want tell everyone about.

I have a special treat for Spuddy today. Check it out


Lynn, you know I always ring twice, but the hubs don’t match my rims. Please advise via return post.

Since when doesn’t red and white go together? Of course, I do have other colors of rims in stock.

Colours are so… last post. I’ve got something AWESOME in mind.


Check these out - Red Kiss-OFF Hubset