Cup Day Ride 2014 IS ON!!

So I can’t ride this year, but people should definitely hit up the Warby trail anyway.

Who’s keen?

#sotb steeds strongly encouraged.


How far out of Melbourne is that trail?

an hours train ride, but it’s easy peasy. You can ride but it’s shit.

You’re on drugs. It’s an easy 40km ride from the city. Earlyish in the morning is fine. Later in the day it’s shit.

yup we rode out last time, got there about an hour early ;p
i’m sure some kind of work related crisis will intervene but i can always revert to standard operating practice and assemble a (#SOT)bike on the train out

That should be an FOA event.

Get on the train with a bunch of parts. The longer it takes you to build a bike, the further you have to ride back home.

I’ll be in Tasmania, otherwise would have been keen to go since I missed last year with a swollen ball injury!!

I out doing some other riding.

Its a great day out, ice cream, beer, horses, hot chips, people almost missing trains etc

take long enough though and the train will get back to where you started from :stuck_out_tongue:

Keen to join!

Will this go ahead?

Here’s a picture, so its official.

New here? you should come, here’s why 2009 2011 2012 2013

Super cool foa regular with 1000+ posts? come too, rolly wants instagram pics

Apparently the trains hold many lols sooooo
Departing FLINDERS STREET station - Lilydale line - 9.07am
Arriving LILYDALE station - 10.15am
^i stole this from rollys old thread, still correct. oh yeaaaah

Wait, you want to watch the cute horseys race? nah ya don’t

It will be a casual easy pace. Bring whatever bike and tyres you have, they will work. I’ll probably be doing the whole bike racing thing later on at disc sooo should be a good warm up, racing tuesday night? do this as well.



get amongst it ppl, it’s a rad day on the bike far, far away from the chaos of the city on cup day.

take any bike you like, they’ll all manage, or take your CX/tourer/700x32 equipped bike & take a detour along the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail (google it if ya have to), but don’t be shy if you’ve never been, it’s worth it I reckon.

nice one inspector chimp!

Yeah, good stuff Che.

If your in town, get into it.

Che is pretty much a local and can point out all the things of interest, right Che?

Fuck. I should have taken more time off to do this.

In 2013 MikeD gave his endorsement with chihuahua riding donkeys. In 2014 he points to me, so honoured.

You know its legit now. Rolly, time to change the thread name from ‘…?’ to ‘IS ON’

And yes, O’shannassy aqueduct trail is way cooler than riding the same way back.

ill probably do this on my roadie, no fucks given

haha, I totally forgot about seeing that chihuahua/donkey.

+1. i fkn love it when the torch gets passed like this.

It’s more of a picking the torch up off the ground because rolly is too incapacitated

Went in/out of city yesterday at the same time as horse racing crowds, which reminded me to mention: This ride has a don’t be a dick rule.

Seriously, going into lilydale where 95% the bogans are either city side or bound to their tv is a sight to behold - coooooooome.

non-committal? too busy living in the now? thats cool! but in case you didn’t realise this thingo is tomorrow and the weather is good -if you like that sorta thing.

leaving lilydale at about 10.30. I wont be on that morning train, but ill definitely be at the station when it arrives. bring yourself and a bike -roadie, cx, sotb, townie, whatevz. xo