Cup Day Ride 2014 IS ON!!

See you tomorrow!

Have fun guise. Wish I could be there.

how’d you go??

I managed to successfully avoid all cup day BS by going to a rad BBQ.

I’ve only heard a little bit of news coverage, but it sounds like a horse had to be put down on track, sad times :frowning:

There was five of us.

Ed, Jim, DaFrog, InspectorChimp and myself.

Pleasant ride to Warby, feed at Cog cafe and then an adventure to the aqueduct trail.

I was popped by the time we got back to Lilydale!

Thanks for a fun day!

PS Ed your crazy doing the ride on a fixie #sotb

Where is that last pic bit of Single track?

Small but solid crew.

my thoughts exactly…

Thanks again Che for making this happen. Had a great time, nice to meet you all.
Last pic is somewhere between the top of Martyr Rd and the aqueduct trail.

I was thinking of you the whole time i was WALKING that thing ;p
Its a walking track from the top of martyr road (aptly named, 27% gradient according to the strava segment) up to the aqueduct trail
largely unrideable in an upwards direction (and downwards too, 2nd last pic is the same track, lots of fallen trees/logs overhanging branches, etc.)

Yep. Good times. The road bike with 23mm tyres was going to suck on the aqueduct trail, so I had to wear everyone out with some HAB and a stupidly steep hill. It worked well as we took it pretty casual from then on. Thanks again for the company.

the track is mt victoria/mt donna buang walking track. goes all the way to the top as well… next timeevil face

props to ed for doing it fixed, and to dafrog for riding all the way out.

ed giving the thousand yard stare. the horror…

I really have to buy a 29er

Ended up riding part of the trail (en route to do battle with warramate) - was surprised to see Penny Olive (nee Cog1) closed. That place is always a welcome sight after that stupidly low grade climb to mt evelyn.

good job guys, I’ll make it on this ride one day. 2015? :confused: